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Repair and Maintenance
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Repair and Maintenance

Resources for the repair and maintenance of clarinets, including DIY care tips and directories of professional repair services.

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Standard Service for Bb Resin and Plastic - $175. (price inclusive of parts and labour) Check for Leaks. Check tenon corks. Check & clean pads (replace up to 4 as required) Remove lost motion (key regulation) in keywork. Replace key felts & corks as required. Basic realign keywork (if required) Lubricate.

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Woodwind instruments are subject to a variety of issues, ranging from minor adjustments to major . Some of the most common issues include: Stuck or squeaky keys: This is a common issue for all woodwind instruments, caused by keys that are sticking or not closing properly. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as ...

Maintenance Tips: How to Extend the Life of a Clarinet Reed

Cleaning one's mouth before playing is vital for the health of the reed and the whole instrument. Finally, after playing, drying reeds carefully and storing them in a reed case that's designed to keep them flat and encourage air flow is key to maintaining them from one playing session to the next. Post Views:

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Yearly on a will reduce the wear of the mechanisms and keys, keep the tone holes free of debris, maintain the health of the wood, and address several other aspects discussed in this document. This document is designed to assist educators of students with basic instructions. Topics. Performing arts.

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Premium Services. to get your instrument in top condition. For over 10 years, musicians worldwide have relied on Rice Works to take expert their instruments. Experience a new level of sound quality, clarity, and ease of play with a fully repaired . Schedule your today!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Tom Ridenour's Basic videos spare you the tedium of reading thousands of words and pouring over diagrams and drawings. Tom teaches you how to keep your in top playing shape and perform the most critical by the tried and trusted learning method of show and tell.

Clarinet Care and Maintenance Tips from Art's Music Shop

Taking your maintaining its body and play-ability is very important if you want to be a successful band student. Get accessories and cleaning supplies from Art's Music Shop to keep your in good working order, plus get some .

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1. NEVER leave anything extra (book, papers, music) on top of your in the case when you close the lid. This can damage your instrument. Keep your music and book in its own folder. 2. NEVER leave your resting on the music stand - make sure it's in the case, on the chair (in two pieces), or on a stand.

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Your should provide you with years of enjoyment, but only if you look after it and provide a minimum of . Here are some useful beginners on how to use and look after your new . ... in to a . There are also some ways here to prevent these kind of ...

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ICA Plays On! was the International Association's first virtual event, held June 26-28, 2020 through a series of Zoom webinars. During each panel, we collected all mentioned and have compiled them into the list below for you to access after the event. If you would like to re-watch this panel, you can view it on the ICA official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com ...

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Warm the up in your hands before blowing into it. This also helps to prevent cracking. Your instrument is best stored in its case when you are not using it. To ensure a wooden long life, it should be properly "played in". For the first couple of months, limit your playing to 20 minutes at a time, with breaks of at ...

How to clean and maintain your clarinet - Clarinet Expert

Wash your hands and brush your teeth before playing the . Doing this prevents food particles and stained pads from clogging the keys. Use cork grease on each cork tenon. Doing this makes it easier to assemble and disassemble your . Oil the keys about three to four times every year.

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Annual . Once a year, you should take your to a shop. The person will check many things, function of the keys and pads, the condition of the corks on the tenons, and any problems with seals and leaks. The shop can perform conduct any needed.

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Beginners, especially, try to cover the tone holes of their with their fingers instead of the pads. This often allows air to leak. If, on the other hand, there's an air leak in the pads /or joints of the instrument, you should probably go to an experienced technician. A instrument repairman can ...

How To Clean A Clarinet: Step By Step Guide - Hello Music Theory

CHECK PRICE. To do this, connect the barrel, upper joint, and lower joint and then place a small amount of oil on a clean, cotton swab. Gently pull the swab through the instrument, and then let it sit for several minutes to absorb. Finally, pull another clean swab through several times to collect any excess oil.

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Attach upper and lower joints in the same manner, while holding upper joint keys down to assist the proper location of the bridge key. Assemble barrel and mouthpiece in the same manner. Putting your away: After you have played your instrument, clean it before putting it away. Use a polishing cloth or soft flannel cloth to wipe ...

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mouthpiece After playing, be sure to remove the reed from the mouthpiece, wipe any moisture off the mouthpiece, and store it away carefully. Insert a small (size S) cleaning swab into the mouthpiece from the joint cork end and wipe off any moisture or dirt.

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In the worst case extraneous matter will get in, it will become impossible to close the caps, and may be required. Make it a habit to remove dust whenever possible. Be very careful not to damage the tone holes or any other parts of the instrument with the metallic tone hole cleaner.

Clarinet Care 101 - Jenny Maclay

Here are some on basic , as well as answers to some common questions. 19418. ... temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors, as well as the condition of your cork. ... it's always best to take your to a trusted technician as soon as possible ...

Clarinet Maintenance - Caring For Your Clarinet

only simple way to keep your looking good is through regular wiping down and polishing. If the keys become severely tarnished, a such as me can clean silver plated keys with tarnish remover or nickel keys with a buffing wheel. However, these procedures are only possible after the keys have been removed from the .

Comprehensive Guide: How to Clean and Maintain a Clarinet

Use a dry Q-Tip to clean the surface and the tone holes of the instrument. Keep your swabs clean. Using a dirty swab defeats the purpose of cleaning the . Recommended: BG Swab. Oil keys three times a year. Apply small drops of key oil to the moving rods of the instrument.

Clarinet Care And Maintenance Instructions (Plus Free Card)

Wipe and store your reed in its case. Use a dry cloth to wipe off the moisture from your reed, going from thicker (back) end to the front. Make sure to do so gently since the reed is very fragile. Store in a reed case afterwards to further dry out the reed and to protect. Again, check your cork.

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2. Remove the reed after playing and store it in a reed holder to dry. Put the rest of the in a safe place that is not too hot or too cold. Don't stand it on its end unless you have a stand (it holds your upright, and can usually be folded and stored in the bell). 3.